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Super Fit Massage
  • Super Fit Massage
  • Super Fit Massage
  • Super Fit Massage

Super Fit Massage

May 06, 2018
-Super Fit Massage not only eliminates the unnecessary fat on your body, but can achieve the good health for you
-It is designed based on the theory of balanced side-moving and amplitude accumulation of sports science, can expose your body's fat to exercise in order to consume extra calories, as well as to remove the excess fat.
-Every day requires only 5-10 minutes, the consumed calories equaled to 1 hour of jogging, also equals to burned calories at 30 times running speed.
-With the humanized design and the optionally adjusting on the shaking speed from Level 1 - 30, which is suitable for not only men & women but also children & elderly person to select their favorable shaking speed, it is easy to operate and contains obvious effect, also it will help create the perfect body shape for you.
-Based on the working mode as high-frequency & lower amplitude, it will improve the ability of inflexible walking caused by rheumatism and the unbalanced walking due to the absence of not walking of an elderly person.
-The treatment effect has been accepted by all walks of life that has become a full-age product to a family.
Product Feature

-High frequency & lower amptitude
-1000w motor delivers smooth vibra
-Eliminate the unwanted fat
-Burning calories like 1 hour jogging
-Every day requires 5 - 10 minutes
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